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Unable to find him at first, they unexpectedly run into Takahashi and the assassin in the elevator, which results in a shootout, killing the assassin and Murakawa's men. Kitano said that after playing comedy clubs he would be invited to drink with yakuza, where he would learn stories about the big crime bosses. This article needs additional citations for verification. However, with Kitano not yet famous abroad, the film benefited from this different situation, especially in the European market. This Airplane!

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  • Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese comedian, television presenter, actor, filmmaker, and author. While he is known primarily as a comedian and TV host in his native. Sonatine (Japanese: ソナチネ, Hepburn: Sonachine) is a Japanese yakuza film directed, written and edited by Takeshi Kitano, who also stars in the film.

    images takeshi kitano wiki fr

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    Retrieved 13 December When two of his men alternate shooting at a beer can on each other's head, Murakawa turns it into a game of Russian roulette.

    images takeshi kitano wiki fr

    However, the film met with tepid international response. He sees a car pull up, and a man drags a woman into the sand and attempts to rape her. This refers to the character Murakawa in the film. Retrieved 2 October

    images takeshi kitano wiki fr
    Whilst spending time at the beach, the group engages in childish games and pranks and begins to enjoy themselves.

    Retrieved 6 January While working as an elevator operator at the Asakusa France-za strip club, he became an apprentice of its comedian Senzaburo Fukami and eventually the theater's MC.

    Retrieved 26 January It won the Japanese Academy Award for Music in Retrieved 19 July It follows a deaf garbage collector who is determined to learn how to surf after discovering a broken surfboard.

    film by Takeshi Kitano.

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    Released in ; Color; Directed by Takeshi "Beat" Kitano; Produced by Non- RTP releases: From | From Itoshi-no half moon, de Yojiro Takita So What, de Naoto Yamakawa Violent Cop (Sono otoko, kyobo ni tsuki), de Takeshi Kitano
    He is tired of gangster life, and when he finds out the whole mission is a ruse, he welcomes what comes with open arms.

    Many of Kitano's routines involved him portraying a gangster or other harsh characters.

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    Awards for Takeshi Kitano. Mainichi Film Award for Best Actor. His father worked as a house painter, [3] with Kitano revealing that he was also possibly a yakuzawhile his mother was a strict disciplinarian and educator who worked in a factory.

    Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actor. Rotten Tomatoes.

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    images takeshi kitano wiki fr
    Retrieved 6 June Kitano's second film as director and first as screenwriter was Boiling Point X10 October released in Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actor. Kitano's film, Takeshis' was released in Japan in Novemberas the first installment in his surrealist autobiographical series.

    For other uses, see Kitano disambiguation. Shot in Los Angeles, it starred Kitano as a deposed and exiled Tokyo yakuza setting up a drug empire in Los Angeles with the aid of a local gangster played by Omar Epps.

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    1. Many of his films express a bleak worldview, but are also filled with humor and affection for their characters. Namespaces Article Talk.