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Jordan, U. The videotape of the entire transaction has been made a part of the record on appeal. On appeal, the government contends consent was "valid, freely and voluntarily given" because none of the standard indicia of coercion accompanied Barney's polite request to search defendants' vehicle; that is, no weapons were drawn, no commands were issued, and no other officers were present. Craig, F. Although we may simply be disputing the court's choice of words, as we previously noted, there is a definite and audible response to Deputy Barney's request. The district court's finding that defendant Ellis nonetheless felt threatened because he raised his hands upon exiting the vehicle does not flow from the evidence. As we have noted already, the court also suppressed the evidence with respect to defendant Bennett under the "poisonous tree" doctrine, finding he too had been illegally detained. Brown, F. The district court concluded Deputy Barney did not have probable cause to support the issuance of the warrant. Therefore, "[e]ven if [a] defendant lacks standing to challenge the search of the car, if the initial stop was illegal, the seized contraband is subject to exclusion under the 'fruit of the poison tree' doctrine.

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  • Jordan Lamont Bennett, 22, of Morgantown was charged with four counts of second degree sexual assault. Bennett is in jail in lieu of $1 million. Jordan Lamont Bennett commited felony under Federal Jurisdiction USA.

    Currently hold captive in facility West Virginia Division of Corrections (WV DOC) for the.

    Marc Lamont Hill fired by CNN a terrible, dangerous decision.

    Ripe Frenzy. Directed by Alana Dietze. Photo by Michael Lamont. (L-R) Melody Butiu, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Renee-Marie Brewster.
    The burden of proving that consent was given freely and voluntarily is always on the government. There is a definite oral response to Deputy Barney's request; however, the response is neither loud nor clear enough to understand what was said.

    View Crime Records & Information Of Inmate Jordan Lamont Bennett

    Ward, F. Therefore, we conclude defendants consented to the search that preceded the issuance of the warrant, and there is no "poisonous tree" in this case.

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    A corollary to the presumption in favor of good faith reliance upon warrants is that "police officers should be entitled to rely upon the probable-cause determination of a neutral magistrate when defending an attack on their good faith for either seeking or executing a warrant" particularly where, "with the benefit of hindsight and thoughtful reflection, reviewing judges still cannot agree on the sufficiency of the affidavit.

    images jordan lamont bennett
    Females must wear either jeans with no holes in them ; dress slacks not khaki in color and not made of pure cotton ; skirt or dress with the length being half-way between the calf and the ankle; a non-under wire bra although a bra must be worn ; Polo shirt; button-up dress shirt must be buttoned all the way up ; or a crew neck t-shirt with no vulgarity ; or a sweat shirt as long as it is not plain gray in color.

    Our conclusion leads us to consider the search which produced the evidence upon which the charges are based. Bennett does not have standing to challenge the search of the vehicle merely as a passenger or because he was charged with a possessory crime. In short, the question is whether "the officer is acting as a reasonable officer would and should act in similar circumstances.

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    Lamont has 8 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. Bennett, Jordan Lamont View arrest, prison and release information for this inmate that has been incarcerated at the West Virginia Prison sytem (DOC).
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    images jordan lamont bennett

    Citing Supreme Court precedent, the court determined because Mr. Based on that surmise, the court concluded the magistrate only could have executed an affidavit so lacking in probable cause by substituting Deputy Barney's assessment for his own independent analysis of the situation.

    Ellis, not Mr.

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    The court concluded Deputy Barney did not have reasonable suspicion to detain defendants beyond the initial traffic stop because he "was not aware of any inconsistency" in McKneely's documents, "was not apprised that any of the Defendants had a criminal record," and could not identify the chemical odor emanating from defendants' vehicle.

    McKneely's name and that Mr. Arango, F.

    images jordan lamont bennett
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    Thus, although "it might be difficult for a litigant to establish how the municipal judge abandoned her neutral and detached role in evaluating warrant applications," the court concluded defendant's evidence was "insufficient to preclude the good faith exception.

    Jordan Lamont Bennett Inmate West Virginia DOC Prisoner Arrest Record

    However, because the initial detention "ceased" after Deputy Barney cited Mr. We hold the district court's conclusions were erroneous and reverse its judgment.

    images jordan lamont bennett

    Docket Number: Moreover, "[a]t a hearing on a motion to suppress, the credibility of the witnesses and the weight to be given the evidence, together with the inferences, deductions and conclusions to be drawn from the evidence, are all matters to be determined by the trial judge. Male visitors are required to wear suitable clothing.

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    1. Our conclusion leads us to consider the search which produced the evidence upon which the charges are based. He then asked if there were any drugs or guns in the vehicle.