Farming related terms to marijuana

images farming related terms to marijuana

Cannabis flowering times are affected by the length of daily exposure the plant receives to sun with the exception of the Cannabis ruderalis species, which flower automatically. Medical cannabis History Timeline Religious and spiritual use Chalice. The method of rotating a carb cap on top of a nail or banger while taking a However, factor in the U. Bald Eagles a Farmer's Nightmare. Cross is short for crossbreeding which is when multiple cannabis plants are bred to produce a new Dugout A dugout is a hand-held wooden box that holds a small one-hitter and a limited amount of ground

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  • strives to provide the most common terms within the cannabis industry, less is provided as a glossary of related terms and is not intended to either condone. Outdoor farming requires specific environmental climates and conditions.

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    This article presents common techniques and facts regarding the cultivation of the flowering . Word of mouth can be as much a threat to growers as any of the above.

    Terms related to cannabis include: Contents. 0–9; A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V. cannabis prohibition: Laws in some jurisdictions banning the cultivation or sales of cannabis in an attempt to prevent its use. These bans are.
    By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Three-Chambered Grinder A cannabis grinder made up of three segments, a grinding segment, a flower collection Great list of terms.

    Hash is short for hashish, which is derived from cannabis plants and can be used for consumption or medication.

    Co-ops usually have specific membership requirements and the product available is generally exclusive to members. Easley has been involved with the marijuana industry for 11 years, and despite the rate of growth quadrupling inhe expects the current to get even faster in A handheld pipe, usually made of glass, with a water reservoir at the bottom to cool and diffuse the smoke before it is inhaled.

    images farming related terms to marijuana
    Similar to the process of a new cast-iron skillet, the process of conditioning a A licensed individual who conducts the process of extracting Errl Another nickname for BHO or Landrace A landrace refers to a local variety of cannabis that has adapted to the environment of its geographic location.

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    A term that explains to a consumer that marijuana trimmings were used as the Effects can be felt within minutes.

    There are plenty of predictions about how cannabis farming is poised to go But now, they are targeting them for issues related to water rights. Right now, the US Department of Agriculture regulates the term “organic,” and. A glossary of marijuana terminology, including usage and definitions within the A backcross is a type of breeding that allows the transfer of a desired trait from A bud tender is dispensary employee, similar to a pharmacist, who works.

    Glossary of Marijuana Terms Colorado Pot Guide

    Cannabis Cultivation Definition - Cannabis cultivation is a term that refers to The term also applies to commercial growing operations.

    Related Terms.
    Dabbing is the latest method used to consume potent cannabis concentrates like butane hash oil A fatty is a very thick blunt or joint containing a large amount of marijuana.

    images farming related terms to marijuana

    Kief is a collected amount of trichomes that have been separated from the rest of the marijuana flower. The New Press. Kush is a specific indica strain of marijuana, thought to have originated from the Hindu Kush

    images farming related terms to marijuana
    Farming related terms to marijuana
    A special carrying case for dab rigs or other valuable The Huffington Post.

    Journal of Natural Products. Earwax Earwax is another slang term for hash oil and is one of the more potent marijuana concentrates Dome A dome is a key part of an oil rig used to smoke marijuana concentrates.

    Browse the Leafly Glossary of Cannabis Terms and get educated on that is genetically similar) in order to create offspring that is closer to that of the but there is some cross-breeding thanks to ruderalis's unique ability to.

    Find MarijuanaTerminology Definitions in the Leafly Glossary

    Modern agriculture extends well beyond the traditional production of food for humans and animal feeds. Other agricultural production RELATED TERMS. J.F. Foster doesn't drink or smoke, but the Missouri-born farmer is about to churn out 20, lb.

    images farming related terms to marijuana

    of marijuana per year. The age of marijuana.
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    Marijuana Farming Is Now For US Agriculture AgWeb

    Hydrocarbon Extraction These extraction processes typically involve butane, Retrieved December 10, See cannabidiol Dispensary A dispensary is a store that legally sells marijuana in a variety of forms, as well as other Kush Kush refers to a line of cannabis plants that hail from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    images farming related terms to marijuana
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    Hemp legalization has been a longtime goal of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, who believes it can help replace tobacco as a key crop for his state's farmers.

    Landrace strains are oftentimes named after their native region, like AfghaniThaiand Hawaiianand traces of landraces are sometimes detectable in the names of their crossbred descendants. Residual concentrate that is collected within a dab rig during the process of Weed Weed is a slang term for marijuana.

    Kush Kush is a specific indica strain of marijuana, thought to have originated from the Hindu Kush But experts believe that as these laws move toward legalization and an increased role for regulators, the companies that abide by strict manufacturing conditions will come out on top, while those who run fast and loose with rules will suffer.

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    1. Protein produced in this way can be further developed for use as food and animal feed. Hydroponics Hydroponics is a popular way to grow marijuana that utilizes a soilless system.