Canon fd 24mm f 2.8

images canon fd 24mm f 2.8

In the end, I'm pretty happy with the quality of shots I get with this lens, especially if the subject isn't too far away. It is heavy and pricey but as a friend said, ". Werd ab jetzt wieder englisch schreiben. The following two tabs change content below. I have an A7 and some days ago a friend gave me this lens, I bought a cheap adaptor from Amazon GOBE and here I am, really happy with a 40 yrs old lens on a new camera. I tried the lens with a couple different adapters with similar results, so I don't think that it's an adapter issue.

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    Review Canon new FD 24mm on Sony a7

    Picture 1 of 12; Picture 2 of 12; Picture 3 of 12; Picture 4 of 9. 【AS IS】 Canon FD 24mm f/ S.S.C SSC Manual MF Wide Angle.

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    This in-depth review of the Canon FD 24mm covers both real world usage as well as Sony a7 | Canon nFD /24 | f/11 | full resolution. Note: Canon has introduced a high speed 24mm lens to complement its existing EF 24mm f/ AFD for the EOS System. The new lens is none other than the EF.
    No classic 20mm or less which will perform well for night sky photography, because they all need to be stopped down a lot to perform well.

    Is good but too much distorsion, and for this loss To take a lot pictures. I like to be outside with my camera and I am also a gear head with a love for manual lenses.

    Is good for night photograpy? It provides about twice the image of a 35mm lens and about three times that of the 50mm lens. The examples below show the distortion you can expect from this lens.

    images canon fd 24mm f 2.8
    Since the minimum focus distance is only 30 cm, it's pretty easy to throw the background out of focus.

    I doubt this lens would resolve enough corner detail on a high-megapixel full-frame sensor. Yes, that was the reason.

    The examples below show the distortion you can expect from this lens.

    I really enjoy your reviews Phillip. I wish this lens had more aperture blades than just 6.

    Only photos taken with the Canon FD 24mm f to be posted here. It's Canon's FD 24mm F/ S.S.C., and whether you're shooting a vintage film Canon or a new mirror-less camera, it's one of the best values in.

    Lens Type, Wide Angle, Telephoto, Telephoto, Wide Angle.

    Maximum Aperture, f/f/16, f/, f/ Maximum Focal Length, 24 millimeters, 43 millimeters,
    Ich habe in der Tat aber schon schlimmere Bokehs gesehen. The Associated Press. The are two optically different versions of the MD 2.

    Phillip Reeve. My personal affordable favorite is the Minolta MD 2. When compared with its former FD counterpart, this lens is approximately 20 percent shorter in length and 28 percent lighter as a result of incorporating a new lens composition than the earlier versions. As is the case with all nFD lenses I've tried, the aperture ring experience isn't great, but is adequate.

    Canon 24mm Three Different Lens Speeds

    images canon fd 24mm f 2.8
    I was on travel and could not reply to yo you sooner. None of us tried using Shift adapters on vintage full frame lenses.

    images canon fd 24mm f 2.8

    However, living in and traveling through tropical areas took its toll and the lens succumbed to a bad case of fungus. I read many things about the minolta md 2.

    images canon fd 24mm f 2.8

    There is a nice, wide, rubberized focus ring that gives good grip and makes manual focusing a breeze.

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