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images cameroon africa history about cameroon

Popular music styles include ambasse bey of the coast, assiko of the Bassa, mangambeu of the Bangangteand tsamassi of the Bamileke. During the French administration, the port at Douala was built, the coffee and cocoa industries increased and extensive road-building was undertaken. Amateur football clubs abound, organised along ethnic lines or under corporate sponsors. Wrong language? The Sultanate of Mandara to Archived from the original on 10 June

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    Early history[edit]. The earliest inhabitants of Cameroon were probably the Baka ( Pygmies).

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon

    . as La Republique du Cameroun. After Guinea, it was the second of France's colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa to become independent.

    On Cameroon officially the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a country in Central Africa.

    Cameroon Culture, History, & People

    It is bordered by. Cameroon was first inhabited by African pygmies. It later became a German colony that gained independence in and joined the League.
    BBC News. It ends with an uprising by the Republican Guard in in favour of Ahidjo. Of these, 49, were from the Central African Republic many driven west by war[] 41, from Chadand 2, from Nigeria. Some performers sing complete songs by themselves, accompanied by a harplike instrument.

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon

    Directly south of them are the Centre Centre and East Est.

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon
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    This was foiled by the army, but —1, people were killed in the fighting; the Republican Guard was then disbanded.

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon

    Page Retrieved 3 March A typical dish is based on cocoyams, maizecassava maniocmilletplantainspotatoesriceor yamsoften pounded into dough-like fufu. Main article: Kamerun.

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    Cameroon, country lying at the junction of western and central Africa. Its ethnically diverse population is among the most urban in western Africa. The capital is. Cameroon is a Central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, bordered by Nigeria, History.

    A Brief History of Cameroon

    Bantu speakers were among the first groups to settle Cameroon. Germany (a late entrant into the European scramble for colonial possessions in Africa) claimed Cameroon as a German Protectorate in ; it remained so until .
    That is how we shine and bring an African color to the nations of the world.

    Archived PDF from the original on 6 June In the south, the principal rivers are the NtemNyongSanagaand Wouri. Cameroon turned to foreign aid, cut government spending, and privatised industries.

    Cameroon History The Commonwealth

    Anthem Emblem Flag.

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon
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    The German government capitalised on the domestic uproar caused by this news, using the opportunity and the public support to send an expedition to conquer the Maka people [xl].

    Retrieved 3 March Finally inin this ongoing game of colonial diplomacy, Cameroon is grantedsquare miles of French Equatorial Africa in return for acknowledging French rights over Morocco. The question is put to a plebiscite in Intensions in the English-speaking territories escalated into open warfare.

    Cameroon officially known as the Republic of Cameroon is a nation in West Africa.

    It is bordered by the Central African Republic to the east, Chad to the. To this end Cameroon can in many ways be considered a microcosm of the history of the African continent. Before the colonial period. HISTORY OF CAMEROON including A German colony, French and British full by Bismarck's dramatic decision in to establish a German empire in Africa.
    The Kingdom continued to exist for another years, but was continuously weakened by Fulani raiders and wars with the neighbouring Bornu Kingdom [xxxi].

    Cameroon South African History Online

    Both administrations have been authoritarian. The high level of trade and specialisation resulted in the emergence of more densely populated areas which, from its inception, saw the dawn of more centralised kingdoms in the region [xviii]. Put it this way: knowing where you come from enables you to locate your place in the world and that applies to all spheres of life. Water, palm wineand millet beer are the traditional mealtime drinks, although beer, soda, and wine have gained popularity.

    images cameroon africa history about cameroon
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    Agriculture was the most common form of subsistence on the grassfields, yielding particularly the cultivation of Yams and the extraction of palm oil [xiv].

    Retrieved 27 June Archived from the original on 16 April Archived from the original PDF on 19 December People from the North-West and South-West provinces, which used to be a part of British Cameroonshave the highest proportion of Protestants.

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    1. The country became a federal republic in the same year, with both components retaining their local parliaments. The northern region of the country was a significant territory of the Muslim slave trade system.