Bill cardell flyin miata frame

images bill cardell flyin miata frame

Highly recommend for the corner loving enthusiast. I could do it again in under 3 hours. Flyin' Miata oil cooler. No problems with fitment at all. I have had this set-up for 10 months and have mostly enjoyed it. The sway bars and shock tower brace were a breeze to install and would be an excellent upgrade by themselves. Turn-in is crisp and controlled.

  • Bill Cardell's Westfield SDV with Mazda L Turbo Engine
  • Flyin Miata Package

  • Flyin' Miata is the world leader in Miata performance.

    We offer a wide range of parts for all years of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Miata Mod Squad: Boosted Miatas Compared Miata anti-roll bars), Flyin' Miata adjustable end links, Flyin' Miata frame rails, Energy . U.K. Corky Bell had a great turbo kit here in the States, and Bill Cardell followed suit. I met Keith and Brandon back in when Flyin' Miata invited me to tag along as a co-driver in the Bill threw in a set of frame rail braces.
    Over their twenty-five year history, Westfield has broadened their range to include a Rover 3.

    Rear end: Mazda Miata 4. After Lotus discontinued it, inproduction was nearly immediately continued under exclusive license by Caterham Cars.

    Bill Cardell's Westfield SDV with Mazda L Turbo Engine

    On the road, the ride is, dare I say it, downright plush. The car soaks up bumps effortlessly they're heard more than felt and it's almost impossible to bottom out the suspension. Buy them, and realize the full handling potential of your Miata

    images bill cardell flyin miata frame
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    The suit was settled out-of-court with agreement from Westfield that both cosmetic and functional changes would be made to differentiate the Westfield SE model from Caterham's Seven and hence from original Lotuses.

    Paint is optional.

    Rear end: Mazda Miata 4. The history of Westfield Sportscars Ltd.

    images bill cardell flyin miata frame

    The original Lotus Seven was introduced in Upon recieving the kit, it was well packaged and all the pieces looked to be of excellent quality.

    Engine: Mazda Miata L turbo. Built by: Bill Cardell, Keith Tanner, and their staff at Flyin' Miata. Body/Chassis: pretty much as delivered from Westfield.

    Flyin Miata V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack Suspension Kit dual spring set up,FM front and rear sway bars,in addition added FM Frame Rail braces.

    Flyin Miata Package

    I sent an e-mail to Bill Cardell at Dealer Alternative the day after I. Founded by Bill Cardell init's housed in a 25, square-foot FM responded, “Rubber chunks on the frame were applied using a.
    As it was my first shock install, it was tough but doable I had help.

    The sway bars were set to the factory recomended settings during installation and provided a much more nuetral cornering car.

    A good 4-wheel alignment is essential after they're installed. The sway bars were easy and yes Feel free to give more!

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    images bill cardell flyin miata frame
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    Westfield provides the Girling brake and clutch master cylinders.

    Every part of this setup came from The Dealer Alternative.

    images bill cardell flyin miata frame

    Suspension: stock upper and lower control arms i. It also lowers the car slightly. Mocal oil cooler. Flyin' Miata "stage one" clutch system.

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    1. It's been very enjoyable experimenting with all the different combinations of shock and sway bar adjustment. Comments: this Westfield is a "Single Donor Vehicle" SDV kit, which means you can technically complete the build with one wrecked Miata and your own labor, but with no additional junkyard scrounging or trips to the parts store.

    2. Smith and other members of the Smith family remain closely associated with the operation of the company.