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images altamont free concert wikipedia

But there was no way 'They're going to be the police force' or anything like that. If a better consensus is reached here, please feel free to change. Jefferson Airplane flew out of Miami on December 5. Kantner said the location was taken in a spirit of desperation: "There was no way to control it, no supervision or order. The Rolling Stones waited until sundown to perform. They had provided security at Grateful Dead shows without reported violence.

  • The Altamont Speedway Free Festival was a counterculture rock concert held on Saturday, December 6, at the Altamont Speedway, northern California.

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    Band promotion[edit]. The section about the Black Cab CD Altamont Diary that was added recently seems tangential to the article. If it's not just someone trying to. Meredith Curly Hunter, Jr.

    (October 24, – December 6, ) was an year-old African American who was killed at the Altamont Free Concert.
    I had expected the loving vibes of Woodstock but that wasn't coming at me. By the time the Rolling Stones took the stage in the early evening, the mood had taken a decidedly ugly turn as numerous fights had erupted between Angels and crowd members and within the crowd itself.

    images altamont free concert wikipedia

    On pagewe get a quote form Dryden, who describes his reaction on arriving at the site: "It was just a horrible, pink-sky Hieronymus Bosch dustbin, not a tree in sight, just a hellhole. The abandoned stage of the festival after it ended.

    That's all bollocks. The Rolling Stones were aware of the skirmish, but not the stabbing "You couldn't see anything, it was just another scuffle", Jagger tells David Maysles during film editingand felt that had they abandoned the show, the crowd may have become even more unruly, leading to riots or other forms of violence.

    images altamont free concert wikipedia
    In the film sequence, lasting about two seconds, a two-meter six foot opening in the crowd appears, leaving Bredehoft in the center.

    images altamont free concert wikipedia

    Hells Angels member Bill "Sweet William" Fritsch recalled this exchange he had with Cutler at a meeting prior to the concert, in which Cutler had asked them to provide security:. WikiProject Rock music.

    Approximatelyattended the concert, [2] [4] and some anticipated that it would be a " Woodstock West". I did remove the reference to "young and inesperienced".

    Hunter, his girlfriend Patty Bredehoft, and another couple traveled from Berkeley to attend the Altamont Free Concert.

    images altamont free concert wikipedia

    In the film sequence, lasting about two seconds, a two-meter opening in the crowd appears, leaving Patty Bredahoff in the center, Hunter enters the opening from the left, his hand rises and the silhouette of a revolver is clearly seen against Patty's light dress, a muzzle flash could be construed or perhaps it is just the film grain, Passaro is seen entering from the right and delivering only two stabs as he pushes Hunter off screen and the opening closes around Patty.

    Free Concert held at The Altamont Speedway, California on December 6, Actually a free Rolling Stones gig.

    It featured, in order of appearance: Santana. The Altamont Speedway Free Festival was a counterculture-era rock concert in in the United States, held at the Altamont Speedway in Tracy, California on.

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    It was more how awful it was to have had this experience and how awful it was for someone to get killed The Rolling Stones album discography.

    Counterculture of the s Summer of Love UK underground hippies la Onda deadheads rock concert crowd surfing audience wave music festival folk festival pop festival rock festival free festival.

    Other accounts [ who?

    As the Hells Angels became intoxicated and the crowd became restless and unpredictable, the drunken Hells Angels began hurling full cans of beer from their stockpile and striking concert-goers with sawn-off, weighted pool cues and motorcycle chains to drive the crowd back from the stage and their motorcycles.

    The nearest approximation was a youth who announced he was pregnant, just prior to jumping from a traffic flyover and sustaining serious multiple injuries.

    images altamont free concert wikipedia
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    Altamont Speedway.

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    They were the only people who were strong and together. Oakland because that is where Mr. No matter what, how far we have to go to do it. I've tried to fix up wlinks but may have missed a couple here and there. Retrieved 24 May

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    1. This was discovered more than a week later when rushes were screened in the New York offices of the Maysels Brothers.